“Jukebox Serenade” sessions

Intense listening behind the monitors.

“Jukebox Serenade” sessions “Jukebox Serenade” sessions

by w4l3XzY3

Cutting tracks with Jim and Sean in the Red Room

by w4l3XzY3 by w4l3XzY3

“Jukebox Serenade”

The band having a blast cutting tracks in the Red Room.

“Jukebox Serenade” “Jukebox Serenade”

The “Red Room”

Our legendary tracking room for bands and solo artists.

The “Red Room” The “Red Room”

Producer Jim and Cue Engineer Sean in The Red Room

Advanced signal processing and sophisticated editing techniques in progress.

Producer Jim and Cue Engineer Sean in The Red Room Producer Jim and Cue Engineer Sean in The Red Room

Control Room “A”

Cue's multi Gold and Platinum Studio

Control Room “A” Control Room “A”

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"Working with Jim is the best time and most laughs in the studio ever, and I always learn something new. He believed in me when I had no one and took a chance on me by helping me make a record that would shape my entire career as a producer. Jim, you are the wind beneath my wings ;-)"
- Butch Walker (Marvelous 3) - Multi-Platinum Producer & Artist